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Due to COVID-19, All Garlic Festivals in BC have been cancelled this year.  In response to this, we will be selling via our online store this year.  Our harvest will begin in July, and we will begin to populate the store with garlic varieties for sale at that time.  They will need approx. 1 month to cure and be prepped for sale.  Once that time has come we will begin shipping!  Please check the garlic store starting in July, as we are harvesting we will begin to allow pre orders on varieties!

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Welcome to the online home of 3 Bar Farms!  We are a family run farm that was started in 2007.  We do not use synthetic chemicals or additives on our farm.  We believe that food should be produced the way nature intended.  Wholesome and healthy.  Our produce is fresh, full of flavour, and most importantly, it's good for you!  

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3 Bar Farms prides itself on its fresh produce, grown completely without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or fertilizers.  We use mechanical weed control, from hand pulling to our new rolling cultivator.  We gain an edge on the growing season via protected cropping, low tunnel covers, and greenhouses.  We use drip irrigation, conserving water.  We store our produce in cold rooms and root cellars, utilizing the natural temperatures within the earth to cool.  We use the straw from our grain operations and the manure from our chickens to fertilize the gardens.  Our farm is farmed in a sustainable manner.  Our soils are alive.  And the food we sell is nutritious!  

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