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Garlic Varieties

Our Main Crop

Garlic dates back all the way to 4000 BC and it is native to Central Asia. Garlic was considered so valuable by the Egyptians it was used as currency and even found as clay models inside King Tut's tomb. Garlic has long been used as a seasoning staple throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. And became popular in the U.S. in the 1940's.


Garlic is our main crop here at 3 Bar Farms. We plant 100,000 bulbs and grow 55 varieties. The varieties range from mild to very hot. It is sold all over Vancouver and the Interior of BC. We sell our garlic, as well as, make it into pickled garlic all the way down to garlic powder. Below is listed our garlic, organized into the group it belongs to.


*Check out the store for full descriptions of the garlic we have available this year.*

Purple stripe

Purple Stripe is the most ancient of horticultural groups within the garlic family. Botanists have determined, through genetic testing, that Purple Stripes are the great grandparents of all other garlic. All garlic species known today originated from the Purple Striped garlic. Purple Striped garlics derive their name from the beautiful purple striping on the bulb wrappers and clove skins. They are a hardneck garlic, growing best in cooler Northern climates with cold winters. Most cultivars have 8 to 12 cloves per bulb. Purple Striped garlics are among the finest culinary garlics we have. Enjoy the most striking flavor – strong, complex and richly garlicky. In general, they are recognized as the best garlic for roasting.

Chesnok Red
Jennings Red
Russian Red
Persian Star

Persian Star

Purple Stripe.

Strong flavour

Storage: 5 - 6 months

Cloves: 6 - 8

Marbled Purple Stripe

Genetically different than Purple Stripe, Marbled Purple Stripe grows in both northern and southern climates as a very reliable garlic. This garlic, for a hardneck, produces very well in warmer climates. The bulb size is very large as is the clove. The most notable feature about the Marbled Purple Stripe Garlics is their clove size. They have 5 – 7 large cloves per bulb. The cloves are the largest of the Striped garlics, but not as large as the Porcelains. It has striking purplish bulb wrappers, but the cloves are more on the brown side. The scapes can reach up to 6 feet. This cultivar can be quite hot when raw, smooth and mellow when cooked.

Red Russian
Rocky Red
Kostyn's Red

Purple Russian
Hot Porcelain Tibetan 


Marbled Purple Stripe
Initial Heat, then mellows
Storage: 6 - 7 months
Cloves:  5-7 cloves
Medium to Extra Large Bulbs

Glazed Purple Stripe

Genetically different from Purple Stripes and Marbled Purple Stripes, the bulbs are medium in size with large, stocky cloves that sit between Purple Stripes and Marbled Purple Stripes in shape and size. Cloves per bulb vary between cultivars, but commonly range from six to twelve. Glazed Purple Stripe Garlic are hardnecks. The ‘glazed’ term comes from the look of the bulb wrappers which have a glazed, metallic appearance, silvery purple with occasional gold tones. Little genetic research has been done with this group, but what DNA evidence has been collected shows that there is a close genetic heritage shared by both Glazed Purple Stripe and Asiatic garlic. These are very tasty culinary garlics, with modest heat, producing a warm pleasant taste - rich and complex. They are excellent for recipes requiring either raw or cooked garlic. They also have a decent storage time of six to eight months in proper conditions thanks to their tight clove skins. They are very adaptable to different growing conditions

Red Rezan


Rocambole Garlic is the most common hardneck variety and it is also one of the most widely grown garlic varieties. They are valued for being early harvesting full flavored garlics that you can enjoy while waiting for the longer storing ones to mature and harvest. Harvests early-mid summer. Rocamboles are considered by many, as being the best tasting of all the garlics. It is well know for its bold, hot and spicy, truly delicious garlic flavor. Its raw warmth is balanced by a deep and rich flavor, with sweet undertones. A perfect dish where the object is to showcase the garlic flavor. On average bulbs have 8-12 cloves. Rocamboles grow best in cold winter gardens. The common agreement is that Rocamboles store the least amount of time out of all the varieties. However, under ideal conditions we've found that they can store up to 8 months. But typically you should probably eat your Rocamboles within 4-5 months, to make sure and use them while they are at their freshest.

Dukhobor Russian
Spanish Roja
Montana Giant
Russian Red Rocambole

Future Varieties
Killarney Red
German Red

Killarney Red


Strong,spicy, sweet

Store: 4-5 months

Cloves: 8-9


Turbans originate in Southeast Asia, many of them have beautiful oriental names reflecting their origin. Some cultivars are hot to sizzling hot when raw, but more mild and faint when cooked. Others begin mild, but then a hot jolt of garlic kicks in. There are also some rich garlicky ones that don't overpower with pungency. They are very popular in Southeast Asian cuisine. Turbans usually have 5-7 very large cloves that form a circle around a center stem. Turban is the earliest maturing garlic. It is a good choice for those who want to spread out their harvest and enjoy some fresh garlic before the rest of the varieties are ready. They are short storing garlics as most don't last more than 5 months at room temperature before sprouting. Turbans should be a part of every garlic lover's garden along with long storing ones so you can have fresh garlic all year around.

Deep Purple
China Rose

Thai Purple


Future Varieties
Saltspring Extra Early

Thai Purple


Hot Raw, Mild when Cooked

Storage 3-5 Months

Cloves: 9


Generally, variety of garlic migrated east from Central Asia, through China and out to the Pacific coast. Asiatic garlics are weakly bolting hardneck, meaning they don’t always produce a scape. These are among the fastest-growing garlic types available. It grows large and is ready to harvest very quickly. This makes it a popular choice when selecting garlic for those who want to have fresh garlic as soon as possible and many times within the year. Some of these varieties mature early in the season, while others are among the last to be harvested right around mid season. Asiatic garlics run on the hotter side, especially when eaten raw. Bulbs, are pure white with thick wrappers richly colored in purple or mahogany. They average 8-12 medium sized cloves and have a shelf life of 5-6 months.

Korean Mountain

Future Varieties
Asian Tempest


Porcelain garlic grows best in Northern cool climates, at the same time doing better in Southern climates than many other hardnecks. It produces large cloves, usually four to six, and is covered in a smooth white wrapper. Although the outer skin is white, individual cloves are usually covered in red/brown skin. Porcelain garlic is closely related to Rocambole in flavour with its richly flavored garlic with an earthy muskiness and generally hot strong tasting garlics with a few exceptions like Georgia Crystal and Music. Porcelain garlics store longer than most other garlics, only the Silverskins store longer, usually for up to eight months in the right conditions.

Dan's Russian                         Future Varieties
Majestic                                    Rosewood 
Music                                        White Russian 
French Porcelain                       Susan De La Field  
Georgian Fire                             
Northern Quebec                                                 
Great Northern                                                     



Hot raw,

Medium heat cooked

Storage: 7 - 9 months

Cloves: 4-6 


Creoles are renowned in the culinary world. One of the most famous creoles is Rose de Lautrec, the French pink garlic. Creoles have a remarkable flavor with a delightful nutty quality. The flavor can be sharp with a burst of heat that fades quickly leaving a pleasant aftertaste. This weakly bolting hardneck has a striking rose-colored skin with a small bulb. There are 8-12 cloves per bulb. Creole garlic love heat but it is also highly adaptable and can tolerate harsh growing conditions. They are long storing (9-10 month).

Future Varieties
Rose De Lautrec


This Softneck cultivar is the last of the garlics to mature each season, it is also the longest lasting storing garlic. They will store from 10 months to a year in the right conditions. Silverskins are popular with supermarkets because of their long shelf life. Silverskin bulbs are smaller than those of Artichokes, but they have a large number of cloves per bulb, easily 10. The bulb wrappers are white but may have yellow or tan veining. Clove skins range from white to tan, largely pink-blushed, or even reddish purplish. The flavour is hot and aggressive. So f you like your garlic strong, this is a must try! This is a little smaller but far more flavorful garlic than artichoke garlic.

Future Varieties
California Select


Softneck artichoke garlic has fewer, but bigger cloves. It also has a softer flavour compared to Silverskin garlic. The flavours are familiar, but have a bit of a mild element rather than the richer deeper characters of some of the other cultivar varieties. When properly stored, it can keep for up to eight months.

Red Toch

Red Toch


Mild Heat, Rich Flavour

Storage: 6 months

Cloves: 12-18 

Garlic Scapes

*Don't forget to check out the store for full descriptions of the garlic we have available this year.* 

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