Our Main Crop

Garlic is our main crop here at 3 Bar Farms. We plant 100,000 bulbs and grow 50 varieties. The varieties range from mild to hot. It is sold all over Vancouver and the Interior of BC. We sell our garlic, as well as, make it into pickled garlic all the way down to garlic powder.

Russian Red

- Purple Stripe

- Extremely Hot

- Storage: 5 - 8 months

- Medium to Large Bulbs


Available for 2019

Jenning Red

- Purple Stripe 

- Medium Heat

- Storage: 6 -8 months

- Medium to Large Bulbs


- Turbin

- Hot when raw, Mellow when cooked

- Storage: 6 - 8 months

- Medium Sized Bulbs

Chesnok Red

- Purple Stripe

- Meduim rich flavouring

- Storage: 6 months

- Medium to Extra Large Bulbs

Inchillium Softneck

- Artichoke

- Mild lingering flavour

- Storage: 9 months

- Extra Large Bulbs


- Porcelain

- Hot eaten raw, Medium heat when cooked

- Storage: 7 - 9 months

- Medium to Extra Large Bulbs


- Marbled Purple Stripe

- Mild Heat, Creamy flavour

- Storage: 6 - 7 months

- Medium to Extra Large Bulbs




-Storage 3-5 months

- 9 Cloves per bulb


-Marbled Purple Stripe

-Warm Lingering Taste

-Storage 6-8 months

-6 cloves per bulb

Thai Purple - SOLD OUT


-Hot Raw, Mild when Cooked

-Storage 3-5 Months

-9 cloves per bulb

Killarney Red - SOLD OUT


-Hot Lingering Flavour

-Storage 4-6 months

-8-9 cloves per large bulb

Red Toch - SOLD OUT


-Mild Heat, Rich Flavour

-Storage 6 months

-12-18 cloves per bulb

Dan's Russian


-Warm, Full Flavour

-Storage 7-9 months

-6-9 Cloves per Large bulb

Persian Star

-Purple Stripe

-Strong Flavour that packs a punch

-Storage 5-6 months

-6-8 cloves per medium bulb

Varieties to look for in coming years

Hot Porcelain Tibetan, Lenningrad, Persian Star, Deep Purple, Bogatyr, Metechi, Elephant Garlic, Italian, German Red, Korean Mountain, Ukranian, Yugoslavian, California Select, Rosewood, Oregon, Red Russian, Maiskij, Saltspring Extra Early, Bogatyr, Kostin's Red, Rocky Red, Dukhobor Russian, Montana Giant, Spanish Roja, China Rose, Chinook, Filipino, Asian Tempest, Sakura, Oregon, , Georgian Fire, Majestic, Northern Quebec, Rosewood, Susan Delafield, White Russian, Rose Du Lautrec, Red Rezan

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