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Spanish Roja

  • Rocambole

    Also known as Greek or Greek Blue garlic, Spanish Roja garlic is sometimes difficult to find, but is sought after for its superior flavour and is consistently ranked high in tastings among garlic connoisseurs and growers. It has a subtly sweet, hot, and robust flavour that lingers for a long time. When cooked, Spanish Roja garlic develops a deep, rich flavour. It can be used in both raw and cooked applications. It is powerfully hot when raw. A popular raw method is to crush or mix the garlic with olive oil and lemon or with vinegar to create a vegetable and salad dressing. Also try cooked on starchy pasta, grilled steak, roasted meats, and seafood. Spanish Roja garlic will keep up to five months when stored unpeeled in a cool and dry place. This prevents it from being distributed to large commercial retailers and centralizes it to remaining a specialty garlic. Believed to have originated in Spain. Spanish Roja would eventually travel to the New World and become a true heirloom variety of North America. It was first cultivated in northwest Oregon in the late 1800's and then spread to Washington and other areas of the Pacific Northwest. It comes to us from Rasa Creek Farms.

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